Fair Play For ALL Women

Trans women ARE women!

The group "Fair Play For Women" is an anti-transgender people hate group which is funded mainly by American Evangelists. The same people who funded the campaign to retain the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution that banned abortion. I.e. the funders are homophobic, transphobic and definitely against women's autonomy to make their own decisions about their bodies.

The group has made their bed with funders who are anti-feminist and anti-women in order to achieve their transphobic aims. They have received £45,000 in funding already. Funding that could have gone towards women's refuges and similar. Looking at their Twitter feed shows just how bad they are.

Update (October 17 2018) in a further move "Fair Play For Women" have been out inciting hatred of trans people in street gangs in Manchester.

"Fair Play For Women" is trying prevent changes to the Gender Recognition Act that will make life easier for all trans people. The group's propoganda is inaccurate and misguiding.

Update (October 16 2018> the Government itself has become frustrated by the lies and propoganda and have now published an advisory. "Facts about the Gender Recognition Act consultation".

The graphic below explains the legal situation with trans people. However the basics are this. The GRA is JUST about birth certificates! The changes will not change anything other than the ease at which birth certificates can be updated.

Stonewall has written much about the Gender Recognition Act.

Links to the appropriate legal documentation is below:

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act
Gender Recognition Act 2004
Equalities Act 2010

Finally please would you consider donating to Mermaids UK which supports gender-diverse and transgender children, young people and their families.